ORSALIT® for adults

Hydrate the adults

To replenish water and valuable electrolytes.

Effective hydration after training.

ORSALIT® for adults is an oral rehydration fluid (Oral electrolyte solutions) with reduced osmolarity and composition in accordance with WHO / UNICEF * recommendations. The use of oral rehydration fluids is recommended by WHO / UNICEF to supplement fluids and minerals, mainly during diarrhea or vomiting.

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ORSALIT® for adults is food for special medical purposes for the dietary management in states of dehydration, especially during diarrhea or vomiting and in situations where there is a risk of dehydration. ORSALIT® for adults supplements fluids and minerals in case of water and electrolyte imbalance and reduces the severity of diarrhea.

Composition in accordance with WHO * recommendations
A refreshing raspberry-lemon flavor for adults
Practical measuring cup for preparing the liquid
*World Health ORganisation

Preparation and use

Dissolve the contents of one sachet in 200 ml of warm, boiled water. To measure the right amount of water, use the measuring cup attached to the packaging. The fluid should not be sweetened. ORSALIT® for adults can be administered through a tube. Cool before serving. In the case of vomiting, dose the liquid often, in small portions (a teaspoon).

Recommended daily dose

The amount of the daily dose and treatment period for ORSALIT® for adults, depend on the age, weight and phase of irrigation.The rules for using ORSALIT® for adults below include current WHO / UNICEF recommendations for oral irrigation.

The product contains traces of fat, fiber and protein. Osmolarity of the solution: 245 (mOsm / l).Contents of the package10 sachets of 4.46 g. Net weight 44.6 gPlastic container for measuring water and 2 drinking staws.* World Health Organization / United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund.

Energy and nutritional value

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