Hydrates with taste Delicious strawberry flavor

  • Requires no preparation
  • To be given in every situation
  • It does not contain milk protein, lactose and gluten
  • Composition in accordance with ESPGHAN * recommendations
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ORSALIT® DRINK is food for special medical purposes for the dietary management in states of dehydration, especially during diarrhea or vomiting and in situations where there is a risk of dehydration.




  • Ready-to-eat oral rehydration fluid
  • Delicious strawberry flavor
  • Oral hydrating fluid in a handy bottle
  • Composition in accordance with ESPGHAN * recommendations

* European Society of Gastroeneterology, Hepatology and Child Nutrition


Energy and nutritional value and osmolarity in 100 ml


Energy value (energy) 70 kJ / 16 kcal; nutritional value: carbohydrates 4.1 g, including sugars (glucose) 1.45 g; minerals: citrates 0.19 g, chlorides 0.18 g, sodium 0.14 g, potassium 0.08 g. The preparation contains a negligible amount of fat, fiber and protein.


Osmolarity 231 mOsm / l, including: glucose 81 mOsm / l, sodium 60 mOsm / l, chlorides 50 mOsm / l, potassium 20 mOsm / l, citrates 10 mOsm / l, additional substances 10 mOsm / l.


200 ml

Preparation and use

The product is ready for consumption. Shake well before use. Once opened, store in the fridge, eat within 48 hours

Recommended daily dose

Depends on the degree of dehydration and doctor’s recommendations.

During the first 3-4 hours it is recommended to:


in the case of slight dehydration (the child is calm and conscious, the eyeballs are properly strained, tears are present, mouth and tongue are moist, normal thirst) should be given 30 – 50 ml / kg body weight;

(restless and agitated child, sunken eyeballs, lack of tears, mouth and tongue dry, thirst – drunk greedily) administer 50 – 100 ml / kg body weight.

At a later stage, it is recommended to administer 5-10 ml / kg body weight after each diarrheal stool or vomiting.

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